Drinks are associated with celebration and enjoyment. A bar is quite a common feature at most hotels, from cocktails to the alcohol free mocktails drinks have evolved over the years. The origin of the name cocktail has been a mystery but the name has some pretty interesting stories. One of the most common ones is of an innkeeper named Betty who would serve her customers with drinks garnished with the tails of her neighbour’s rooster. The other one claims that the name originated from the mix of colours in a cocktail which resembled the colours of a rooster, though this is an unlikely story, the reason being that the drinks of today have a vast array of colours compared to the earlier ones.

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Another story takes a more fairytale like twist where it says that the name came from the name of the Aztec goddess xochitl. A Mexican princess who went by that same name was known to serve soldiers drinks. A famous story among others is of an American tavern keeper who would store his drinks in rooster shaped containers. So, whether fact or fiction, these stories have kept many entertained while enjoying a drink or two.

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