The Hospitality industry has evolved in concept and form through the ages. What started off as a place for food or shelter for travellers has evolved into a lucrative business. The hotel industry is one of the oldest commercial endeavors. The industrial revolution brought about many changes in this industry. People now often travel on business and have to stay in various parts of the world.

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The organised hotel industry was started in Switzerland. Europe provided for different kinds of stay from luxurious setups to small rooms. In 1880 the European dining experience took a turn, what was once considered not a common activity changed into to an experience. Ceasar Ritz was the pioneer of this concept. They set high standards of service and impeccable cuisine, with this public dining rapidly gaineing popularity. The great depression of 1927 led to the development of motels and international chain operations. This laid the foundation of catering schools to ensure that a standard of quality and taste would be maintained among the various hotels. The hotel industry incorporated different changes keeping up with the needs of the day. Indoor plumbing, steam elevators and a telephone in every room are some of them.

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