Earlier kitchens were often associated with chefs, they would have complete responsibility of what goes on in the kitchen. From cooking to maintenance every single aspect of the kitchen was looked after by the chef. As the demand for various cuisines increased, the number of staff in the kitchens increased too.

Today a kitchen steward’s role is seen to go hand in hand with the chef and the food & beverage manager. He assists the chef with the ingredients that needs to be purchased for each dish and the way food has to be stored. The role of the kitchen steward with the food and beverage manager is that he will keep the manager informed of any breakages and also help control the inventory. The position of the kitchen steward is no longer a menial one, it has been now clothed with conferences, exhibitions, and technicality.

The cooking, cleaning and maintenance work that the chef was solely responsible for, has now been handed over to cleaners who were in turn supervised by stewards. The stewards slowly graduated from mere supervising to refrigeration of food, keeping a track of the inventory as well as monitoring the temperature at which the dishes and utensils were washed.

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